Foldable hats are large wide brimmed hats that have a stiff wire rim that can be folded into a small convenient 6 inch diameter disk. To unfold the hat simply let loose the hat and the wire rim will pop open with force. Comes in Sun and Rain versions.

Sun Hats

Solid Color Sun Hats

18" Foldable SUN Hat, White
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Mint
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Yellow
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Royal Blue
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Fuschia
Price: $13.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Red
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Black
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Navy
Price: $9.99

Two-Tone and Prints Sun Hats

18" Foldable SUN Hat, Black Polka Dot
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Blue Polka Dot
Price: $9.99
16" Foldable SUN Hat, Black on White Two Tone
Price: $13.99
16" Foldable SUN Hat, Green Floral on White Two Tone
Price: $13.99
16" Foldable SUN Hat, Navy Dots on White Two-Tone
Price: $13.99
16" Foldable SUN Hat, Blue Floral
Price: $13.99
13" Foldable SUN Hat, Mosaic Print
Price: $9.99

Handpainted Sun Hats

18" Foldable SUN Hat, Grapes
Price: $9.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Butterflies
Price: $13.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Peony
Price: $13.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Rose
Price: $13.99
18" Foldable SUN Hat, Pomegranates
Price: $13.99

Nylon Sun Hats

NYLON Foldable Hat, White
Price: $6.99

Rain Hats

15" Brim Adult Rain Hats

15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Yellow
Price: $9.99
15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Mustard
Price: $9.99
15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Camouflage
Price: $9.99
15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Royal Blue
Price: $9.99
15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Purple
Price: $9.99
15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Green
Price: $9.99
15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Black
Price: $9.99
15" Foldable RAIN Hat, Cream
Price: $9.99

13" Brim Adult Rain Hats

13" Foldable RAIN Hat, Black
Price: $9.99
13" Foldable RAIN Hat, Camouflage
Price: $9.99

Childrens Rain Hats

13" Child Foldable RAIN Hat, Red
Price: $9.99
13" Child Foldable RAIN Hat, Yellow
Price: $9.99
13" Child Foldable RAIN Hat, Royal Blue
Price: $9.99
13" Child Foldable RAIN Hat, Fuchsia
Price: $9.99
13" Child Foldable RAIN Hat, Green
Price: $9.99

When are orders processed?

Orders are processed approximately every 3-5 days. Most people receive their hats within a week to 15 days (but often sooner).

What are the hat sizes?

As you would expect from this kind of product, the hat sizes are one-size-fits-most. The circumference around the forehead area is about 24 inches. The forehead height is about 3.5 inches and tapers to a smaller circumference of 18 inches at the top of the head. The children's rain hat is about 25% smaller with a circumference of 21 inches at the base, tapering to a circumference of 16 inches at the top.

Do you ship internationally?

Due to some fraudulent orders only a few select countries will work with the shopping cart. Try it and see if the process allows you to checkout. You can also try ordering on amazon.com now: http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A343URECA284UP

Can you call me back so I can order over the phone?

Sorry. I don't have a physical card charging machine to process your credit card number directly. The credit card processing is handled by PayPal, which protects your privacy and I don't have to worry about security.

Can I pay by check?

I don't have a mail box for business use at the moment, so I prefer not to receive checks.

Can I get replacement chin-strap beads?

Not all hats actually come with beads. The early batches were meant to be tied at the neck. Later batches included the chin-strap bead thingy. I don't have any spare beads.

Will I receive a confirmation email when I order and when the order ships?

You should receive an immediate confirmation from Paypal when you successfully place your order using Paypal. I purchase the shipping label through Paypal as well so you should see a tracking number notification on your order when the label is created.

What are the hats made of?

The sun hats are made of 100% cotton, except for the nylon sun hats, those are made of um... nylon. The rain hats are made of water resistent nylon with PVC backing so that it resists water leaking at the seams. The wire rim is made of stiff yet flexible galvanized steel.

Return Policy

Email me within the first week if you are not satisfied with your order and I will give you a refund minus shipping and handling.

Email Contact

Email me at: [email protected]. I usually respond within a or two day.